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Boudoir bridal photography... The best gift ever!

Love is in the air

You are reading this, chances are you are in one of the most exciting moments of your life. If you are engaged, CONGRATULATIONS!! I personally love weddings so much that I married my wife 3 times. Just kidding, we did it for our families. However, it is a unique and very special time (even the 3rd time). Regardless of our expectations and budget, we all want our guests to have a great time. And that takes planning and effort. You have to organise; dress, date, guest list, venue, photographer, videographer, hair and makeup, celebrant, flowers, decorations, catering, bar, the band... The list goes on and the stress goes up. You want everything to be perfect, but unless you hire a great wedding planner, you have to do it all by yourself... It takes a lot out of you and sometimes, the vowels and special gifts can be left to the last minute. I have done it twice!

Boudoir bridal photography, to the rescue!

Don't spend your time trying to find the best gift for your groom. He can not get anything better than YOU! He is really excited to say; "I do!" and share the rest of his life with you. Even if he is not the demonstrative kind! What better gift than showing him beautiful images of the fun and sexy woman he has chosen to marry. All of it, wrapped in a luxury album...

If you have doubts, allow me to share my views on this.

I believe boudoir bridal photography to be the most intimate and personal present you could find for him! I help my clients create personal images.

In this photo, the champagne bottle and glass are meaningful to this couple. A little attention created just for them. Your bridal boudoir session is creatively personalised to the finest details! We help you create the most perfect present for your special one. One he will love and cherish for years! If you are still unsure have a look at what our clients say.


With all of that said, I believe the best part of this experience to be a newly found sense of self-love! And while it is a gift for him, you take so much out of it that it becomes a gift for you too!

Madame D. I had a Boudoir session with Julien Bride, for a wedding gift to my husband. Jon loved the album, slideshow, all the digital prints and wall art. All the photos are amazing and I have so many favourites, there are also a few cheeky/exposed. I felt totally comfortable with Julien throughout the session.

Ladies, I hope this inspires you to create your own special memories💜❤️💙💛💚

Thank you, Julien


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