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Boudoir photos album... why?

Why would anyone consider having their boudoir photos printed on an album?

If this is a question you have, let me help you understand.

The primary reason for digital photos to have taken such an important place in today's society is CONVENIENCE. Everyone can have photos with them at all times, thanks to mobile phones. Social media is making it instantly rewarding to share images! We would agree, if you are only taking boudoir photos to share on social media, you probably don't need to look further.

Now let's think beyond the convenience of a product. Technology has changed many things over the last decades at an increasing rate. Who could tell today where our images would be in 10 years? How about 25 years? Will we still be using Facebook? Will your computer still read USB? Not too long ago, we were using floppy disks and dial-up internet, so who knows what the next quarter-century will bring? Technology is constantly changing, but a tangible album can never be outmoded.

What about the test of time? We could argue that Albums are a safer way to preserve your precious memories. Ever lost a phone or misplaced a small USB stick?

My wife lost her mobile phone at the airport just after our daughter turned one. She lost all the photos taken with it from birth to her one-year birthday...

It can get even more frustrating. For example, if you managed to safely secure your digital images, only to find out when you want to look at them that your files are "corrupted" or "unreadable"! A nightmare. We don't need to mention viruses or hacks of privacy, we are all aware of what can happen. While technology is convenient, it still has flaws.

A beauty for your senses!

As human beings, we connect to our emotions through our senses. The more we stimulate our senses, the more we engage and connect. We deserve no less for our treasured memories. An album is more than a set of images for your eyes to see. An album has texture, density, a smell even the sound of the pages turning. Like the feel of classic books or the sound of a vinyl record -- Albums can’t ever truly be replaced by technology.

You might think; If I only get the digital photos of my boudoir session, I can print them too. You would be absolutely right! It is like cooking a meal yourself. Yet we still go to restaurants and pay more for a meal we could make on our own. Like at a good restaurant, you pay for more than just eating. An Album gives you more than ink on paper. The time spent to design your album (to design your personal story), the choice of paper, the quality of the ink, the texture of the cover, and the glue used to link your prints together. All those elements are as important as selecting the freshest products to create a perfect meal. Our products created in Brisbane are only accessible to professional photographers. Their quality does not compare to any online printing lab. Would you sit at a table in a fancy restaurant and treat yourself to instant noodles?

We have created a short video to introduce our albums.


We have created an online community exclusively for women. Our goal is to support, inspire and encourage each other. No hate speech, no judgment, just heartfelt and caring support!

Start your day with an inspiring quote. Ask your questions directly to the photographer about boudoir or anything else. Our members are mainly from Cairns but we welcome women from anywhere around the world, as long as we share the same vision.

You will be able to;

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Share the excitement of our clients,

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