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Glamour photography testimonials

Testimonial Miss A.
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You deserve to feel beautiful

 We want to show you that you can look just as beautiful in our photographs as the others have. Most of our clients have never done a glamour or boudoir shoot before.

We have collected selfies from past clients for you to compare with our professional images. 

Mademoiselle I

I wanted to do a glamour photoshoot because it was outside of my comfort zone. 


Julien was amazing to me and made me feel extremely comfortable during our session. He respected my privacy and my comfort zone. He was a true professional. 

Seeing my photos for the first time was an amazing feeling, I loved each and every one of them. They made me feel beautiful and confident!

I would definitely recommend a boudoir photography session with Julien Bride from Elegance Boudoir. He will no doubt prove to you that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL through his amazing photography!

Madame E

Deciding to get my photos done was the easy part. It was the week before that the nerves really started kicking in and I wondered if I had made the right decision. After all, it’s not every day I strip down to my underwear in front of someone I don’t know.

After getting viciously assaulted by some unknown insect which left me with bites all over one leg and bum cheek, I thought I might try to make myself feel a bit more prepared by doing a few home treatments. Eyebrows first, just a little tint to make them more noticeable resulted in ginger slugs across my forehead. Not wanting to panic I tried scrubbing them which resulted in ginger slugs surrounded by red sore skin. Maybe some fake tan would help distract from that. The only problem was within about 10 minutes of starting to apply it, my skin started turning green. The dilemma was, do I wash it off and potentially end up part tanned, part white, or do I keep going and risk being completely green? Not one to be a quitter I kept going. 
I had visions of turning up the next day looking like a reverse Oompa Loompa. Despite my disasters, I turned up and Julien instantly made me feel at ease.   The time passed in a flash and I instantly wished we could start again. Thank you Julien for working your magic on me!