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5 Reasons to consider hiring a male for a boudoir style photography

Boudoir is an amazing experience. This style of photography has the power to change the way you feel. I am intimately convinced of this. While it is most common to have a woman photographer, I want to share a few reasons why you should consider a male for your boudoir experience.

1. Men and women typically see women differently. Through a different set of experiences, a different mentality, and different intent/goals. What men find sexy and what women find sexy are typically different things. A woman might say, "That old sweater? That isn't sexy." But a man might say "I love that sweater on you when you are casual and do your thing, it's when you are sexiest.”

Wife with white button up shirt sexy pose

2. I've been told by my clients since they are getting these portraits as a gift for their husband, they want a man's perspective. As an example, Playboy, FHM, Maxim, and Sports Illustrated Swim Suit are mostly shot by male photographers.

Me: “Which pictures do you want in your gift album?”

Her:“You pick them out since you are a guy, you will know what he likes more than I will!”

In the same vein when I buy lingerie for my wife I like to get clerks' advice.

3. Some clients find it simply easier to show their sexy side to a male photographer. It is because they are more familiar with this dynamic. 

Sexy mum boudoir photography

4.  Boudoir style photography is dominated by women photographers. It's a preconceived idea that the client and her spouse will feel more comfortable if they are shot by a woman.

Know that both male and female photographers have an artistic vision of you. We focus on posing, lighting, emotion. Giving you the best experience possible. Personally, when I shoot I see lines/curves I want to pose in the most elegant way using flattering light. I promise you will have a comfortable, fun and professional experience. If you want to see what doe a boudoir style experience look like with us, we have a video for you.

Male boudoir photographer for bride black and white classy boudoir

5. The most important is for you to find the photographer who makes you feel accepted, sexy, and with a style, you can't resist. They will leave you on cloud 9. Reminding you that you are beautiful, powerful, sexy and special. The photographer should be the best at their craft and make you feel relaxed and comfortable above all.

The image below is a direct link to our contact form. Alternatively, if you have any questions about your boudoir session, you can email us directly at

Boudoir style color photo red lingerie


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