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about boudoir photo shoot

How much does the photo shoot cost?    

The boudoir experience begins at $400. Products are available for purchase after your session. I am here to help you through the whole experience to get exactly what you want. Email me to receive full pricing info or to schedule a free consultationIt’s great to get to connect before your shoot; calm some nerves before your session!

I am not a model and have never done a photo shoot before. Is that a problem?

No one comes in knowing how to pose, and everyone leaves with amazing pictures! Read some testimonials for examples of their experiences. You’ve hired me to make you look and feel the best you ever have, and I guarantee you’ll leave with newfound confidence. Your only job: have fun and relax. With amazing posing, lighting and direction, you will love your portraits.

Will my photos be on the internet?

Not unless you say it’s okay! Every client I feature on my website has given me written permission to post her images. Privacy is very important to me. If you decide you don’t want them shared, that is completely fine. If you want to give permission, I’d LOVE to share them so other women can get an idea of what a boudoir photo shoot looks and feels like.

I have a problem area. Do you use Photoshop?

Yes! Photoshop can reduce or completely remove most common issues. I have never been a fan of pictures that make people look like plastic dolls. After hundreds of photoshoots, I’ve mastered the lighting and posing that is used to flatter your specific body type, no matter your curves or age. Photoshop can then be used to perfect the images.

Do you offer Hair/Makeup service?

Absolutely! Having your hair and makeup done is an integral part of your shoot, in house hair and makeup for every boudoir experience. Sit back, relax with a glass of champagne, and chat with us a bit before your photo shoot.

A male boudoir photographer...?

Ah yes, the proverbial elephant in the room! Some women are unsure about a male boudoir photographer, while some prefer them. There are actually quite a few benefits to having a male boudoir photographer; here are 5 reasons why. I guarantee a completely comfortable, professional, and FUN atmosphere. One thing is certain, and I will capture images that both you and your partner will enjoy! 

I need ideas! Can you help?

Bien sur! I am here to help. Once your session is booked, we can then make recommendations on attire and themes and give you easy ways of making it all come to life.

Where do you Shoot?

I have an in-home Studio in Kuranda (in the middle of the rainforest). It is a quiet and private space with gorgeous natural light.  We can even sneak out for some outdoor portraits. I am also mobile and would happily organise a creek, beach or other locations. I am also able to travel to you from Mission Beach to Port Douglas and Kuranda to Atherton

I am not sure what I want to order yet, can I decide when I see my photos?

Yes! After your shoot, you will be invited to a photo reveal session. When you view your images, a rush of emotions and different feelings will most likely catch you off guard. To make it easy, I will guide you through the product options. Once you decide on what you’d like to order (fine art album, luxury wall print, etc.), it takes about two weeks to edit the images and another two weeks for them to arrive. 

Can I bring someone for moral support?

This is absolutely doable. I do highly recommend bringing someone who is always supportive and never judgmental. We want someone to cheer you up, not bring you down by accident. Besties are always a good idea. In fact, it is so much a good idea that I do have group sessions. 

Do I need my own outfit?

While sharing is caring, there is only one of you. You are the focus of our session and your wardrobe is part of who you are. Having said that your boudoir experience is the perfect opportunity to add a couple of pieces or start your sexy collection. I provide my clients with styling advice and I will help you choose on the day what works best.

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