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Best intimate portraits

You are a work of art

Creating intimate portraits is Art. Like any art form, a subject is essential! It is more than time to feature your unique beauty in stunning images. Knowing our clients' story made selecting only a few images difficult. However, I wanted to give you a glimpse of what 2020 was like for us and some of our clients. Enjoy!

You are in good hands with us

To create intimate portraits means more than posing in lingerie. We connect with you on a personal level. Having a sense of who you are is a key ingredient to stunning images. Portraits show-casing your beauty from the inside out! Because of this intimate relationship, it is essential to feel comfortable during your session. If you are unsure about working with a male photographer, we have listed the Top 5 reasons to choose a male for your intimate portraits. I hope our clients' stories have inspired you! Often clients spent days, even weeks considering their session before finding the courage to contact us. Being the centre of attention is not for everyone. However, being looked after the way we do makes it a game-changing experience. You can read more testimonials on our website.

The image below is a direct link to our contact form. Alternatively, if you have any questions or feel ready to embrace your femininity, you can email us directly at

Intimate portrait of a woman in red lingerie Cairns


We have created an online community exclusively for women. Our goal is to support, inspire and encourage each other. No hate speech, no judgment, just heartfelt and caring support!

Start your day with an inspiring quote. Ask your questions directly to the photographer about boudoir or anything else. Our members are mainly from Cairns but we welcome women from anywhere around the world, as long as we share the same vision. You will be able to; Stay up to date with our business, Share the excitement of our clients, Access exclusive offers.



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