Boudoir photography testimonials


You deserve to feel beautiful

We specialise in the art of taking intimate photographs, focusing on your natural beauty with an emphasis on sensuality.

Are you thinking I don't look like them? We have collected selfie from our clients for you to compare with our professional images. 

Mademoiselle I

I wanted to do a boudoir photoshoot because it was outside of my comfort zone. 


Julien was amazing to me and made me feel extremely comfortable during our session. He respected my privacy and my comfort zone. He was a true professional. 

Seeing my photos for the first time was an amazing feeling, I loved each and every one of them. They made me feel beautiful and confident!

I would definitely recommend a boudoir photography session with Julien Bride from Elegance Boudoir. He will no doubt prove to you that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL through his amazing photography!

Madame E

Deciding to get my photos done was the easy part. It was the week before that the nerves really started kicking in and I wondered if I had made the right decision. After all, it’s not every day I strip down to my underwear in front of someone I don’t know.

After getting viciously assaulted by some unknown insect which left me with bites all over one leg and bum cheek, I thought I might try to make myself feel a bit more prepared by doing a few home treatments. Eyebrows first, just a little tint to make them more noticeable resulted in ginger slugs across my forehead. Not wanting to panic I tried scrubbing them which resulted in ginger slugs surrounded in red sore skin. Maybe some fake tan would help distract from that. The only problem was within about 10 minutes of starting to apply it, my skin started turning green. The dilemma was, do I wash it off and potentially end up part tanned, part white, or do I keep going and risk being completely green. Not one to be a quitter I kept going. 
I had visions of turning up the next day looking like a reverse Oompa Loompa. Despite my disasters, I turned up and Julien instantly made me feel at ease.   The time passed in a flash and I instantly wished we could start again. Thank you Julien for working your magic on me!

Madame E

If I had to describe Elegance Boudoir in two words, I would say professional and high-quality images. 


I had no idea what to expect going there, but I left feeling the most beautiful I have ever felt.  I went for the “I am fearless” campaign.  I have never been more impressed with any other business ever! 


Thank you for making my time with you so special!  I’m so happy with the photos... 

Madame L

What an amazing experience.
A Boudoir photo shoot was something I have always wanted to do, and at 59 years old, I decided to do one for my husband (and myself) for our anniversary.

Julien made it an easy and fun photo shoot. I felt really comfortable and thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. The photos were truly beautiful. Who said sixty wasn’t sexy...

So happy I did this and encourage all women out there to just do it. Thank you so much. Hubby really liked the images too...

Woman posed by boudoir photographer in front of mirror

Mademoiselle S

My boudoir photography experience with Julien was perfect, every step of the way. From the preparatory emails (which were so cheerful and helpful) to the champagne, lychees and chocolates upon arrival.

I had some nerves leading up to the shoot but knew I was in good hands with Julien. I trusted he would capture my curvaceous frame in the most flattering way possible, and when I saw the results I was completely blown away!

This experience has left me with a level of body confidence I've never known before; I feel SO sexy strutting down the street and am totally drunk on my own feminine power. Must. Remain. Humble. Hahaha 😜

Thank you Julien!

Madame D

I just have to share my excitement.

I can’t contain my WOW factor!

I have just seen my photos!


Julien, You’re amazing! There can’t be a beginning to your talent!
You have done a magnificent job and made me look stunning in every picture. You are so creative, how you play with light and shadows and you really have an eye for detail.... Thank you.

Cairns bride doing a boudoir photo-shoot
Young mother doirng boudoir with heels black and white photos

Madame L

So this happened, and I am grateful and proud.  Doing this boudoir photo shoot with Elegance Boudoir was such an empowering journey.  An opportunity to push through insecurities and the negative self-talk that so often infiltrates.  It’s so easy to pick apart the things we don’t like about ourselves or that we wish were different but it’s also so refreshing to be able to learn to accept and be at one with these things as part of who we are.

If just for yourself and to boost your own self-esteem & confidence;  bring the power and beauty that’s inside of you to the surface or if you already wear this loud and proud each day but want to capture it in a beautiful boudoir photo shoot, I highly recommend Elegance Boudoir to make that goal into a reality 💕

Madame E

I am a mum of 2. As time passes I have noticed the changes in my body.  I guess I wanted to feel sexy again

I did this shoot a couple of weeks before my husband's birthday, what a great idea this was. Not only I have had a very powerful experience (I could not hold the tears when I saw how beautiful those photos of me were) but I also had something very special to give to my husband. I can't tell you how much he liked it!

I would recommend this to any woman who wants to feel great in their skin. Thank you Julien for being so caring and professional.

sexy mature woman boudoir photos
High key boudoir portrait photos

Mademoiselle L

I would highly recommend Elegance Boudoir for a Photoshoot.


Julien is very welcoming and will make sure you feel comfortable when shooting.  He captures amazing pictures and always lets you see what he has taken on the day.  He will also take your advice and how you would like to pose into consideration.

Mademoiselle M

I own a dance company and have done a few photo-shoot with Julien but this was the very first Boudoir photo-shoot for me.  I wasn't sure exactly what it was about but I said "Yes!  This sounds like a little fun" And it was! 
I wasn't sure how comfortable I would be with a male photographer but he was very professional and did absolutely everything to make me feel relaxed.  He helped me with poses and explained each steps to get amazing shots.
I HIGHLY recommend Julien and this amazing experience. It will make you feel special and boost your confidence!  I would love to do it again.

Japanes woman doing boudoir black and white photos
Photos petite mother boudoir session

Madame L

THANK YOU, Julien, for producing some beautiful photos that when I look at, make me feel so proud and give me confidence that in general, I don’t carry around. 

Coming into this photo shoot I was nervous but also super excited to step in to the zone with an open mind to build confidence,  build on self-esteem...  all of those things I have been able to achieve because of your professionalism, sense of humour and calm demeanour.  And not to mention the end product of course.  I love that you worked with the fading light at the time, tapping into your creativity and working with what we had.  I HIGHLY recommend Julien if you are thinking of embarking on this little journey that is a Boudoir photo shoot.  Right to the end, showing the final product, Julien has been amazingly helpful, communicative and supportive!