About me

Why have I decided to be a photographer in Cairns?

Cairns is home. We have such an amazingly supportive community up here that our family settled in easily. Being a photographer is a dream come true. This was my first camera (click if you are curious). I was 5 when Santa brought me this gift and took it everywhere!
However, being a "professional photographer" in France is not a real job. So I have been pushed towards more traditional studies.
Cairns has such a wonderful community of photographers that I could not help but get inspired. After several years of collaborating with some of the best artists in town, I decided to focus my skills and creativity to make a difference in people's lives. See below why I chose to be a boudoir photographer.


I was born in 1987 and raised in France until I decided to see what else the world had to offer in 2012.  It took me 5 years from the time I felt that urge to expand my world to actually leaving Europe.  My primary motivation was to discover who I was along with learning English.  I never regretted this challenge.

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A month after landing in Perth for the first time, life took me to Lauderdale. A charming little Tasmanian community where I met my wife.  She broke me free of the slavery I had fallen into (her side of the story) working 35 hour days for food and accommodation.

Four years later we were welcoming our daughter into our tropical northern Queensland dream.


  • Self-confidence has always been a struggle for me (you are not alone)

  • I am more fluent in French than in English

  • I love chocolate


  • My wife (it is true, and she is the one proofreading my English, so I had better be kind)

  • My sensitivity (if you cry, I will fight my tears)

  • I consider chocolate to be a fruit.

More about the team

We only want the best for you! That is why we have integrated Hair and Makeup into our service. Because cameras and eyes see differently, it is necessary to apply makeup a certain way to get the best images possible. Plus, let's be honest, who does not love to be pampered by a professional? In our desire to provide the best experience, we only work with the best artists.

Meet Cass

Cass is a big believer in the saying;

‘Choose a job you love and never work a day in your life’.

She lives and breathes makeup and has a talent for marking you feel comfortable and looked after while she works her magic.

Like she loves to say; ‘Makeup doesn’t make you look beautiful. You are already beautiful. Makeup is just the frosting on top!’

Cass is always on the move. She works with us during the week and looks after brides on weekends. She even finds time to share her passion with job seekers and teaches them new skills! 

It is a privilege to have such a talented woman in our team!

Meet Sue

Sue Kim has dedicated her life to the pursuit of helping people find their confidence through her joy of makeup artistry.

Having started over 20 years ago with special fx makeup - she worked with numerous clients before moving towards beauty centric makeup in the late 1990s.
There she started working with several major brands such as Nike, Addidas, Coca Cola and Samsung - as well as focusing her artistry on bridal and glamour makeup.

Sue has kept her passion alive in her artistry with the knowledge that with each person she works with; she is able to make a difference in their life - by growing their confidence and enhancing their natural beauty.

We are honoured to have the most experienced artist with us.