How do you pronounce Boudoir??

Ah oui, LE Boudoir... While it might sound french and fancy putting le in front of a french word won't always cut it!!

Boudoir photography is becoming more and more popular. It is not unusual to read or hear about it, sometimes even from our friends. If you have read our article about the meaning of the word boudoir, you might think well I know a lot about boudoir now but how do you pronounce this fancy french word? If you haven't read this article, I invite you to do so, especially if you are the curious type. I have learned a few things while I was researching the origins of the word boudoir. As a Frenchman, my ears are sensitive to the miss pronunciation of a French word. As a boudoir photographer, I have heard a lot of them regarding boudoir! I guess if you try to phonetically make sense of it, the word boudoir would sound like this; buːdwɑː

If you are not too familiar with the way to read phonetic spelling, you can easily Google it. Alternatively, I have an example of it in the video below. I created this video for every non-french speakers, who understand English. You can still pronounce Boudoir the way you like. After all, millions of french speakers mutilate English words every day! I still do it by accident. But this video will teach you how a french speaker would say Boudoir and how we expect to hear.

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