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Have you been searching for hens party ideas?

What is a boudoir party?

A Boudoir Party is a fun excuse to get your friends together and have a great time. Bring together two or more of your girlfriends and enjoy a party all the girls will remember. It could be for a hens party, a prequel to a day/night on the town, a unique way to celebrate a birthday party with the girls (which works out great!) or just for the fun of it.

Planning a boudoir hens party

To make the most out of your party think of it as the first stop of an amazing day out with your besties. You can head to the local mall or lingerie boutique to pick out a few outfits or themed accessories to bring to the shoot.

Enjoy some bubbles and snacks, play your favourite music and get your hair and makeup done by our professional artist, after all, it is a party.

Each party is unique, but typically each guest receives a 30-minute mini boudoir session. You have the option of doing a few group boudoir photos with all of your girlfriends. Products are unique to each party and their interests. Boudoir party pictures are a great keepsake for your event.

You can set up some surprises/challenges after your session before the happy hour begins. We love the idea of hiring a limo to drive you around like celebrities all night, from happy hour cocktails to a delicious dinner and out dancing all night. You could choose a private function just for you girls and treat everyone to a hot waiter, you and your girls could learn some sassy moves with a special pole dance play/lesson. Don't want to choose? You can have it all; hot waiter, fun pole dance and photos for a night you will never forget!

Planning a hens party that involves a boudoir photography shoot is one of the best ways to get together as a group of girls before the wedding and bring out your confidence and sexiness. You’ll bond over the experience together, there’s nothing more exciting and alluring than participating in a boudoir photo shoot. It’s only natural that bachelorette parties have started to branch out into this realm. If you and your bridal party are comfortable and ready to try something new, then a boudoir hens party could be the perfect idea!



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