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Boudoir meaning

What does boudoir really mean?

I read similar articles on a lot of boudoir photographers website. Most of them are incomplete. I probably have an unfair advantage, being a native french speaker! Let's go back a bit in history, before the french revolution or the first Australian settlers.

Louis XVI is king. The last one France will ever have. A new word finds its official place in the french Acadamie dictionary; Boudoir. Boudoir comes from the verb "bouder", which means to sulk. It describes a small room where one can isolate. At that time, to sulk away from everyone's sight. A centenary later, the meaning of boudoir becomes more specific. It is an elegantly furnished room exclusively for women's use. A hundred years later, the word boudoir will also become a little biscuit coated with sugar. A delicacy appreciated with champagne! Those biscuits are quite dry and were very popular for teething babies in the '80s. I remember always having some in our pantry when my sister was still a baby.

There you have it! A short history lesson on the word boudoir and it's meaning throughout time!

So why do we use boudoir as a name for a photography style?

In photography, boudoir applies to a style featuring intimate, sensual, romantic, and sometimes erotic images of a client. It can be in a photographic studio, bedroom or private dressing room environment. Those photos are primarily intended for the private enjoyment of the client and their special one. Different from glamour and art nude photography, boudoir is usually more suggestive. It rarely explicitly expose nudity or sexuality and features clients who do not regularly model.

Primarily used by brides as a gift for their partners. Boudoir photography is increasingly seen as an experience a person would do purely for their own confidence. The affirmation of seeing themselves as attractive, daring and sensual is highly empowering. Now that you know more about the meaning of boudoir you might be wondering how you say this word... We have the answer right here!

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