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How does a boudoir session work?

Boudoir photographer at work

Describing how an experience feels with words can be challenging. To better illustrate how a boudoir session works, we have created this behind the scene video. This way, you can be a fly on the wall and discover how fun and empowering your boudoir experience will feel!

What did you think about this video?

I hope it gives you a better sense of how your boudoir session will work. Personally, I had a great time realising this video. As you probably noticed, I stressed a bit at the beginning. I am not an actor, I know what a shame. But being natural in front of a camera is difficult! This is why we designed the whole experience to help you relax. At some point, you will even forget about the camera!

It starts with the hour we have to chat. While our talented makeup artist works her magic, we can take the time to decontract, crack some jokes and listen to your favourites music. I don't know many jokes in English, so your job is to not miss them! Every single time, after my short pep talk, I can feel the tension coming back up. It is absolutely normal. Despite the excitement, there is still an apprehension; what if I don't like myself?

Sneak peek

I will be honest, the first few images are warm-ups. We need to test the light and not taste like you might hear me say! Some English words sound quite close to a non-native speaker, but this is a different topic. We also have to adjust our position as well as yours. However, as soon as we are all set, we start capturing the first few stunning images. We can then show you how great you are doing and how fantastic you look.

From this moment forth, your confidence builds up. I demonstrate every poses before you. That's the perfect time to reset and laugh. Some clients, still manage to look a bit stiff on camera. If you think this could be you, don't panic! We have more technics up our sleeves. A good one is to introduce motions.

We had a client suffering from severe anxiety due to her past. She had more difficulties to relax. However, we knew she loved dancing. So we started dancing and oh my, the change in her facial expression was unbelievable. It shifted from stiff and unsure to genuine confident and so alive! Despite her apprehension, she had a great time and adores her album!

This is why boudoir is so worth it to me. To witness this change and help you realising it. I could not dream of a better way to live my passion.

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