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Boudoir outfits guide

During your session, you will change outfits 3 to 5 times. It can be overwhelming to think, where do I even start? 
To help you out, we designed this guide. You will find some good options and advice to feel gorgeous and confident.


The beginning of your session is the most sensitive part. Your mind tries to pull you back in your comfort zone by creating self-doubts.
We like to gently ease you in the session and build up your confidence.That is why we recommend starting with something playful but covering.

Off the shoulder sweater/Crop top

A plain colour, off the shoulder sweater or crop top, can be very playful. You are fully covered and freely decide how revealing you want to be.
It is a good place to start and build your confidence.

Button-up shirt/Jacket

Button-up shirts and jackets can be used in the exact same way! Choose your style. While Jackets add a touch of fashion, button-up shirts are a great idea for a bride (especially if it’s his!). Seing you in his clothes is an excellent teaser!

Embrace your confidence

At this stage in your session, you feel how empowering this whole experience is. You surely have gained confidence and are ready to rock your sexiest lingerie. Your session includes up to 5 outfit changes. We recommend bringing lingerie that makes you feel sexy and in your comfort zone. However, it is a good idea to take one or two pieces outside of your comfort zone. You might surprise yourself. 


The classic but sexy bra & underwear set. It is always a winner.

Add a suspender to bring a kinky touch to your favourite set.

Bonus; For women worried about their tummy, it will also help conceal this area.

Bodysuits come in all shapes and forms. Some offer comfortable support for your breast, others conceal the tummy area.

We know from experience, women tend to worry about their tummy.

Choose the one that would confidently make you feel good.

Robes are very good at concealing the areas you are most concern about.

They offer a wide variety of poses and style, from covering to revealing.

A maternity split dress works in the same way as a robe, with an emphasis on framing your belly.

Personalise your session

Accessories are great to personalise your session and bring in something meaningful to you and/or your special one. They help beautifully tell your story.


Tattoos are one of those personal items perfect to feature during your shoot. They show a personal part of you.

Stockings are your best friends if you worry about your thighs/legs.They also bring playful opportunities.

You can bring the sets of your favourite heels or those you bought specially to match your best lingerie set.

Your boudoir session is the perfect excuses to capture your favourites jewellery.

If it’s a gift for your groom, capturing the details of your special day in a sexy way could be a great teaser.

For maternity boudoir, it can be future bubba's belongings (Clothes, shoes, toys...)

And anything that makes you, YOU!

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