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Boudoir Xmas theme

A gift you will treasure together

  • Fun

  • Empowering

  • Unique

Boudoir Xmas photos are as much a gift for him as it is for you!

What to give him for Xmas?

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Who would you do it for?


You or someone special?


Let's be naughty and save Santa the trip
Gary Allen

How does it work?

Behind the scenes
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First contact

We are with you every step of the way.  You will receive unique personalised care to ensure we bring out YOUR inner beauty!

We offer pre-session consultations to go over all the fine details of the upcoming shoot. After your consult, you will receive a digital guide to help you decide which outfits and accessories will best bring out your personality. 

Your special day

Upon your arrival, one of our excellent Makeup artists will sit you down and pamper you so that you are looking and feeling your absolute best for your photo shoot. After all, it's your special day!


From there, we will pick up to three of your favourite outfits for the photo shoot, along with any accessories like jewellery, shoes, or something of his.


The following hour is your time to shine!  We will expertly pose and light you to flatter your unique self.  Don't worry, you don't need to be a professional model to look like one during your amazing photo shoot! 

Grand finale

Your experience does not stop here!

After your shoot, you will be invited to a reveal session. When you view your images, a rush of emotions and mixed feelings will most likely catch you off guard. To make it easy, we will guide you through the product options. Once you decide on what you'd like to order (fine art album, luxury wall print, etc), it takes about two weeks to edit the images and another three weeks for your beautiful products to arrive. 

You have questions, we have answers

If you are not sure where to start we have answered some of the most common questions for you!