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Brand Ambassador

Become a brand ambassador for Elegance Boudoir, and help women feel just as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside. We believe that everyone deserves to be proud of their body and confident in their skin. If you agree keep reading and see how you can help empower women!

The brand ambassador program

Smiling curvy woman laying on a bed for a boudoir photoshoot

Who can be a brand ambassador?

We promote self-love and empowerment, any body is welcome (pun intended). 

Having said that, not everyone can become a brand ambassador. A brand ambassador’s role is to spread our mission; we believe the world needs more women to be celebrated. To do this effectively, you have to be actively involved in our community. Either on social media platforms or through your work and hobbies. We don't believe in hard sales or asking you to promote something you don't believe in. All you have to do is genuinely share your experiences with us.


Must be over 20 years old

I will be honest here I don't feel comfortable shooting boudoir with new adults. This is just a personal belief.

Share your experience

You must be comfortable sharing your experience with your network. This could be going live on social media during your shoot, leaving reviews... 

Social media

You must actively share some of our posts on your FB and Insta. Engage with our post (like words of support towards clients sharing their images...).


We ask that for the time of our partnership you exclusively recommend us (when and where relevant).

Photo style

You must be comfortable with nude or implied nude poses. We only take tasteful images. Visit our website or social medias for sample images.

Share your images

You must be comfortable sharing your images with your network and allow us to do the same. A full model release is required. 


For any post/story/live your share or make you are required to tag Elegance Boudoir, me and our Makeup artist .


There is a $400 fee to enter the program. This fee is used to cover HMUA costs and shows your commitment. 

Woman laying on the sand at Ellis beach on sunrise for a boudoir shoot

What you will get

Free photoshoot

During your time with us, we will aim to schedule up to 3 photoshoots all for free. Your creative input is appreciated! Value $145/each.

Free images

You will receive up to 15 fully edited images per shoot. These images are for you and me to share online. Value $695.

Product discount

Because we really want to look after you. You get a whopping 50% off any a la carte products.

Free Hair and Makeup

Your initial contribution covers the cost of our Hair and Makeup artist. So there will be nothing more to add. Value $170 each.

Referral code

You will enter our referral program. Each time a client books a full session using your code you will get $100 cash, and they get $100 print credit.


Doing quick math, it is a saving of $1010 per shoot. That does not include the money you can make with referral or the product discount.

Woman laying on a beach at sunrise with low tide waves in the background for boudoir photo shoot


Being a brand ambassador for Elegance Boudoir is incredibly rewarding. Julien makes you feel like an absolute Goddess during the shoot. The images are so sensual and magical - it makes me proud to be an inspiration to others to let their beautiful selves be captured on camera.

What Our Ambassadors Say

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