Boudoir photography in Cairns

Shine with confidence

As Cairns' first French boudoir photography service, let us welcome you and guide you through what we do best. My name is Julien and Elegance Boudoir's mission is to show you how truly beautiful you are! Whether you already know it or not, you are worth celebrating. 

A boudoir photoshoot is more than just the luxurious album you receive at the end. It is a journey celebrating self-love, an experience that will make you feel more confident than ever. 

Your boudoir experience

Yes, it is scary. But do not worry, we will look after you from beginning to end, and you will feel empowered like never before! No client ever come without a few insecurities. See in more details how your experience with us will unfold.


Our mind is really good at making excuses, and as a boudoir photographer, I have heard a few. The most common one is:   "I don't look like the girls in the photos."
Well, it is perfect. You look like You and you are what we want to capture. We simply use our expertise and care to help you shine. But don't take our words for it. You can see for yourself how we help our clients.

We have created an online community exclusively for women. Our goal is to support, inspire and encourage each other. No hate speech, no judgment, just heartfelt and caring support!

Start your day with an inspiring quote. Ask your questions directly to the photographer about boudoir or anything else. Our members are mainly from Cairns but we welcome women from anywhere around the world, as long as we share the same vision.

You will be able to;
Stay up to date with our business,

Share the excitement of our clients,
Access exclusive